Jean-Marc’s selections

Jean-Marc has been selecting Beaujolais and Mâconnais cuvées since 1996, to bring you the full range of terroirs available in our region.

What he looks for first, when carrying out his careful selections, is a quality terroir.

After that, either we vinify or bottle the selection on our estate or we select and sort the grapes direct on the vine to vinify them using the methods, skills and know-how that have made the name of Domaine de Bel-Air. 

White beaujolais Julienas Chiroubles Saint-Amour
Beaujolais blanc Julienas Chiroubles Saint Amour

White Beaujolais AOC, the exception

Crafted with Chardonnay grape and no Gamay Noir à Just Blanc (a black-skinned grape with white flesh), both white Beaujolais and white Beaujolais-Villages are rare wines. They are vinified completely differently to our reds: the grapes are pressed as soon as they arrive at the vatroom. Fermentation lasts around a fortnight. These wines are the rare pearl of the Beaujolais vineyard. They give off subtle fresh fruit and blossom aromas. In tune with this great grape variety, they combine body and freshness, a true balance between roundness and finesse with a zest of complexity.

Julienas AOC

Bearing the stamp of the great diversity in the different terrains in the Beaujolais region, this Cru brings you a deep and intense ruby robe, violet, cinnamon, red currant and peony aromas and releases a fleshy, well-built mouthfeel that this subtly spicy with great length. Tended at 230 to 430 metres above sea-level, the vines are shared between granitic soils to the west and sedimentary earth to the east. They are worthy of cellaring for 2 to 3 years for the vanilla and spice nuances to reach their peak.

Chiroubles AOC

Its robe is ruby red, the aromas are mainly floral with violet, iris, lily of the valley and peony at the fore. The flavour stamp is the remarkable red fruit expression of the Gamay grape. Chiroubles is lip-smacking by its very nature, giving wine lovers a really smooth mouthfeel. Tender, fruity and more-ish, this wine is the fruit of incredibly homogenous soils.

Saint Amour AOC

From its granite, clay and schist soils, Saint Amour gives bright ruby red wines with fruity and floral aromas. This is a complex and tender wine with red fruit, peony and peach flavours. The powerful wines are fattier, more well-built and tend toward kirsch and spice. This in one of the smallest Beaujolais appellations, much looked-forward-to for Saint Valantine’s Day.

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