In addition to optimum quality grapes, vinification itself is a strategic stage of crafting great wines.

This requires scrupulous attention to precision at each step.

Checking ripeness

Regularly over the 3 weeks preceding the grape harvest, this allows us to judge the evolution in ripening of the grapes on each plot very precisely and to organise the order they will be harvested in.

Hand picking

Only a human hand can gently pick the bunches of grapes without altering them at all. Picking by hand also means that we can select the grapes depending on their ripeness.

Triple sorting

After the first sort, carried out by the picker, there is a second manual sort at the vineyard, just before the grapes are taken to the cellar.

At Bel-Air, a third sort is carried out on a ‘Mistral’ table, as the grapes are vatted. 

Including all these operations mean that the grapes we use as a raw material are always really sound. 

Temperature control and gentle pressing

Temperature control is very important when the grapes are vatted, this helps us to safeguard the aromas, flavours and finesse specific to each terroir. Using a pneumatic press gives the gentle pressure necessary to extract truly pure juice. 

Meticulous maturing

After pressing, maturing confirms and highlights each wine’s terroir personality. At Bel-Air, this stage is either in vats or in oak barrels and requires patience and expertise.

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health, alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation