Jean-Marc LAFONT

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The adventure began in 1986,when Jean-Marc took over the destiny of Domaine de Bel-Air.

His childhood was redolent with scents and flavours as well as the love of a job well done passed on to him by his father. 

His passion and determination led him to break with what had become the norm in the region.

The deep love he holds for his land and estate was behind his reasoning when he chose to use eco-friendly integrated vine tending techniques from 1992.

With conviction and passion, he equipped himself with the modern techniques that would serve his ambition to craft wines that would be the most faithful representatives of their appellations, never leaving the subtleties of their individual terroirs behind.

His drive motivates a quest for the very best Cru terroirs, with which he has enhanced his estate.

Today, Jean-Marc, Annick and their team are augmenting Domaine de Bel-Air’s enduring credentials with passion and generosity.

Each new vintage brings a new adventure with it, new challenges to meet and, above all, new and wonderful emotions to share.

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